A downloadable game for Windows

A project for Student GameJam X

Jimmy is hypochondriac; he's affraid of getting infected by viruses or other things. He needs to buy some soap to remain clean and calm. Will he arrive to the shop without dying of disgust?

Created by: Alberto "Big Boss", Ruben "Immortan", JanSau "EldanForrester", Victor "Filoctetes", Borja "Totespare" & Varo "miroky".

*We have taken a few things and assets from other videogames such as Scribblenauts or Metal Gear Solid to create some of the enviroment of the game. We've used free music from the Internet and Nuclear by Mike Oldfield. The rest of the game is entirely made by us.

Install instructions

Execute, install and have fun!


JTH Installer 43 MB
JTH Portable 49 MB


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Ahead of its time


This game made me feel I'm alive.

    - Hideo Kojima